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(Formed – May 2007)

Organiser – A Hawkins, 33 Natal Road, Brighton BN2 4BN Mob. 07715 466 744

Secretary – J Hayhurst, 24 Friar Road, Brighton BN1 6NG Mob. 07779 809199

Treasurer – J Baker, 25 Meads Avenue, Hove BN3 8EE Mob. 07849 929 895



1. 9 Players per team, including a minimum of two ladies: One Pair, One Triple and One Four. If only one Lady is available, the team has to play with just 8 players. They can decide before the game (triples or fours) to play one bowler short.

2. Players to be drawn just before each match. The first two names drawn will play as a Pair, except two ladies CANNOT not play as a pair. The draw continues until a Gents name is drawn. The Lady drawn second automatically plays in the Triples.

Fours, Triples and Pairs – 18 ends each. Any dead ends will not be replayed. The team causing the end to become dead will concede two shots to the opposing side.

Points – 2 points to the winners of each game; 4 points to the overall winners. 10 points available overall. If a game is tied after 18 ends each team receives 1 point.

3. Dress – Greys, including Finals and Round Robin.

4. Dates and Start Times – To be mutually agreed. Once agreed the date shall not be changed, except for ‘unfit’ green. A team failing to play on the date/time agreed shall be deducted 6 points, their opponents will be award 6 points. All games to be completed by 31st August. Competition Secretary to be notified when all fixture dates and times have been agreed. The League play-offs to be played on the 2nd Sunday in September.

5. Green fees – Fees, if any, are the responsibility of the Home team, they being the Challengers.

6. In the event of inclement weather, after play has commenced, a result shall be declared providing 6 ends have been completed on all three games. Unfit green; At the time the fixture is stopped, a new date and time shall be agreed and the Competition Secretary notified. If by the end of the season no date is possible each team shall receive 5 points.

7. Score Cards to be signed by each skip. The Captain shall be responsible for scanning each card and sending them to the Competition Secretary ( Captains to retain the cards, in case of a dispute.

8. End of Season Round Robin Competition:

8.1 Same format; Pairs, Triples, Fours. 9 ends each, instead of 18. Draw before each match.

8.2 Minimum of two ladies.

8.3 Substitutes are allowed.

9. Date – Last Sunday in April (the following year). Start time 10am. Venue, last years winners optional, to be agreed at the AGM in February.

10. Tied game to be decided; 1st games won, 2nd on ends won, 3rd on points difference.