Round Robin

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End of Season: ROUND ROBIN Competition - Date: Last Sunday in September, Start at 10am.

1. Same format Pairs, Triples and Rink.
2. Two Divisions; draw at the beginning.
3. One hour per game. When the bell is rung, complete the end in play. Draw before each match.
4. Points: Each game; 2 points for a winner, 1 point for a draw, 4 points for an overall winner.
5. Each ‘rink’ tosses coin to decide mat or no mat.
6. Dead end; the end counts, team not causing the dead end is awarded two shots. They also take the mat, next end.
7. Substitutes are allowed if you have more than 9 bowlers
8. Final between winners of Division A vs Winners of Division B
9. Division winners decided a) total number of points b) number of matches won c) number of rinks won d) number of ends won.
10. Dress Greys.


1. Adastra
2. Brighton
3. Hangleton
4. Hollingbury Park
5. Hove & Kingsway
6. Portslade
7. Rottingdean
8. Shoreham
9. Southwick
10. Southwick Park
11. The Drive
12. Woodingdean